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Inefficient service panels can cause a variety of inconvenient problems, such as breakers constantly tripping when certain appliances are used or not enough space to accommodate necessary additional circuits, including GFCI plugs in bathrooms and kitchens or 220V window units and central A/C units.
Scheduling an electrical panel upgrade through Pro|EC can help you to bring your outdated breaker box up to speed in order to meet the demands of today’s increased power needs.
We offer a full range of electrical services for new construction, additions and renovation projects of all sizes.
Our team can work directly with the property owner or under a general contractor, to develop a detailed work estimate in a timely manner.
Pro|EC will provide all of the labor and time management expertise needed to ensure that the project is completed accurately and on time.
When an Entergy account for a residential property has been inactive for six months or more, the services cannot be reconnected until the electrical system is brought up to current code requirements. A city inspection must be ordered and the system must pass to confirm that the system is up to current code standards.
Pro|EC can walk you through the entire process, help to identify any code violations, correct them and then order your city inspection for you to get your electrical services reconnected.
If you have a light fixture, outlet or any other component of your electrical system is not working as it should, just give Pro|EC a call.
Our team of experienced electricians have all of the equipment and experience needed to identify the issues and make any required repairs in order to get your electrical system functioning 100 percent.
Pro|EC also offers emergency repairs.

In addition to wiring, panel upgrades, troubleshooting, repairs and reconnection services, Pro|EC also provides the following services to our clients:
  • indoor lighting fixture and ceiling fan installation
  • smoke detector and plug installation
  • recessed lighting, outdoor lights and accent lighting of all types
  • installation of electrical wiring for window units, water heaters, plugs, switches and more
To find out more about any of our troubleshooting, repairs, wiring, upgrade and installation services for residential and commercial properties contact Pro|EC Today!
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